Thursday, October 13, 2011

The New Xbox360 Dashboard (Beta)

Microsoft have just opened up the beta registration for the new Dashboard beta, after being up for 3 minutes the news had spread around the world, and over 75,000 people tried to load the information page at once, causing it to crash. - It didn't stay down for long.

It's not been confirmed that all registrations have been accepted but most have been. You receive an email around 20 minutes after registering, if you're accepted. Are you going to sign up?

What will you be able to get your paws on in this beta before everyone else? Here's what Major Nelson has confirmed:
  • Beacons
  • Facebook Sharing
  • New Design with integrated Kinect voice and gesture controls
  • Could Storage for Gamesaves and Profiles

All of this seems quite 'cloudy' at the moment as we do not have a clue what the whole new Cloud Storage is. If you've got the beta and your mates don't, there's no need to fear as you will still be able to talk in party chat as normal. Your serial/console number isn't needed for the beta so don't worry if you've got a pre-owned Xbox, all you need is the email to your current GOLD member account.

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