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JonoEfthy's 1.12 Patch v9 (Infect's,Modded 1887,Perks,Clan tag & Killstreak editor)

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Credit for the post goes to:JonoEfthy
Please give him a small donation for his time he put into this, thanks.
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Not understanding something?  Make sure and read the FAQ's near the bottom.

***NOTE THIS PATCH CANNOT BE EDITED BY DEFAULT!***I and other patch makers have made our patch un-editable by default to stop leechers taking our work constantly, it is however still possible to edit the patch and use it, i will not be releasing my original xbox patch (unless i change my mind lol).
Those who are not leechers and have a small or greater knowledge of patch editing can still edit the patch by getting a new patch an copy n pasting the codes into it, just make sure the cfg names all match!! Please do not pm me asking for help with this, there are many tutorials avaliable on the web to teach you. thankyou for understanding.
***UNLOCK ALL IS ONLY FOR YOU!***it is not infect-able or for the whole team im sorry, please understand this and dont post questions about it!
Download: (For BLES00683 and BLUS30377 as they are the same)
Default Layout:
Tactical Layout:

Download: (For BLES00683 and BLUS30377 as they are the same)
Default Layout:
Tactical Layout: v8.0.1-Tactical-patch_mp.zip
Download: (For BLES00683 and BLUS30377 as they are the same)
Default Layout:
Tactical Layout: v7.1.0-Tactical-patch_mp.ff

Download: (For BLES00683 and BLUS30377 as they are the same)
Default Layout:
Tactical Layout:
Download: (For BLES00686)
Default Layout:
Tactical Layout:
Download: (For BLES00683 and BLUS30377)
Default Layout:
v5.1.0-Default-patch_mp.ffTactical Layout: v5.1.0-Tactical-patch_mp.ff

Note: rename to patch_mp.ff

7320+ downloads (total as of 18/10/11)1340+ downloads for my v8 alone!
Open Menu: DPAD UP
Close Menu: DPAD LEFT
Select Mod: R3
Quick Host Only Uav: DPAD DOWN (when menu is closed)
*i have made it so that when the menu is not open, you can still knife or bring up the scoreboard Enjoy.
**I chose R3 and DPAD LEFT unlike everyone else who uses x and circle because that way you can still use the mod menu when you are dead (eg. in SnD) and also then you can jump and crouch if needed to evade enemies while in the menu
To infect:
1) Start a private match
2) Choose the infection
3) End game
4) Tell the people in your lobby to go to splitscreen, create a NEW profile, go to settings and turn playstation network unlocks on, then start the game
5) They will get a black screen halway through loading the map and then when they go back online they should be infected!

Change Log:


- Initial Release
- Added some mods and some bug fixes
- Fixed 130kb patch size problem
- Fixed Fast Restart Bug (the name was making it restart LOL)
- Added and fixed advertisements (NGU)
- Infections
- Coloured Menu
- Working Gold Desert Eagle in Class (people have to copycat it off you)
- More Mods
- Fixed a few small bugs
- Removed Not Working Stuff
- Fixed Infections (now only 1 choice, unlock all doesnt work)
- New Say Commands
- New Game Speed Menu
- New Test Menu (Mods for testing obviously)
- Improved 11th Infection
- Added 10th Infection
- New Nuke time with toggle (10 mins, 1 day, 100s)
- Fixed NGU Clan Tag (now NGU@)
- Force Me Host
- Better DVARs
- Super Aim Assist (better, but still not strong enough xD )
- Goodbye care packages (care packages slide around so you cant capture them )
- DPAD RIGHT now opens menu (for all you noobtubers out there ;P )
- DPAD LEFT to open menu again (lol sorry ;P )
- Fixed nuke times
- Changed Game Speed "Fast" to be slower so you notice "very fast"
- Updated Advertisement for me (no more youtube now... )
- Added infections like force uav, laser, etc to the 11th and 10th infections
- Changed SUPER Aim Assist settings (still testing for the best settings )
- New Quick Menu:
- SUPER Aim Assist
- Force UAV
- Kill cam Ruiner (say command to ruin kill cam for noob trick shotters who flash x10000 -.-)
- Game Speed Menu
- Friends List
- fixed laser
- De-rank infect-able (resets score, sets to no prestige level 1 with -billion xp, resets classes, clantag PWND, MOTD)
- No Prestige infect-able
- 7th infect-able
- 8th infect-able
- 9th infect-able
- Force Uav & Aim Assist Infect-able (so far only the green box from aim assist is confirmed working)
- 70 infectable
- Nuke in care infect-able (test)
- Super Speed infect-able (test)
- New TEST Menu Options
- Improved SUPER Aim Assist
- Removed big radar from prestige infections and added a MOTD
- Fixed Super Jump Off (typo :S )
- Fixed Unlock All (typo again sorry)
-Fixed bug where you couldn't exit some menus using select
- Improved de-rank infection and made it look legit so they dont think about it
- New Snipers Infection (Pro perks for SoH, Stopping Power, commando, steady aim, marathon, lightweight, etc (credit to sime2570), aim assist, clan tag)
- New test menu options (Auto QS and Auto Drop Shot, etc)
- New options in Game Speed Menu
- Super Jump Infection (Toggle using Select)
- Improved DVARs
- Edited custom class setup & Names
- New & Improved say commands (check out the derank scare one haha)
- Edited DVARs
- NEW Slo-Mo Infection
- Fixed Sniper Infection
- NEW Super Speed Infection
- NEW Super Knife (credit to ITheFallenI)
- Improved SUPER Aim Assist
- Fixed say command (credit to ITheFallenI)
- NEW Say Commands (Really good ones )
- Improved Say commands (re-ordered them to be grouped with similar ones and importand ones close to beginning or end for fast access )
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Fixed super jump infection (now goes off lol & sets fall damage to default when off)
- Fixed & Improved super jump infection (Now includes no fall damage)
- Fixed slo-mo infection
- Fixed ssuper speed infection
- NEW noob tube mod (lets you use noob tubes, in quick menu)
- NEW Stealth Aim Assist
- Improved SUPER Aim Assist (best after the last few weeks of me testing )
- Added Wall Hack & Map Size to Quick Menu as per request
-Sniper Infection (credit to DaRkNeSs_ELiT3x)
-Removed names through wall
-Removed 6 bar Ping with numbers
-Added my unreleased Best Aim Assist EVER!
-Menu now in 1.11 style (only the main menu looks 100% 1.11 like, the options inside the menus are the same as before (they show 1 at a time) because it takes alot of coding to make them all show and look fully like 1.11 and more coding = more wasted space = less mods so i think youll understand why i have done just the main menu)
-Fixed free-for-all bug when host online
-New say commands (try spam 2 > )
-New All Perks Infection (1 infection for all of them, VERY stable)
-Improved Intervention Infection (More Stable)
-Few tweaks here and there
-DPAD UP now opens menu, but up and down are still used for scrolling (YAY noob tubes and killstreaks )
-Little bug fixes here and there
-Custom Stats are now a seperate mod
-Custom Classes are now a seperate mod
-All Maps in map menu
-18 players in kick menu
-Kick menu now has an option to list players in the console (console will turn on when you enter the kick menu and turn off when you leave it)
-DPAD LEFT is now used to exit sub menus or the menu itself, but when the menu is closed it will be used for noob tubes (dpad left is so that you can exit a sub menu or the menu itself while spectating)
-Improved look of main menu
-Minor tweaks & bug fixes
-Changed friends list in Quick Menu to Toggle Knife Range
-Added Seb5594 Sniper Lobby in game modes
-Added Freeze Toggle to quick menu only
-Added Pro-Mod Infection
-Fixed all perks pro infection (simple type very sorry)
-Fixed scroll bug
-Bug Fixes
-Fixed Overgrown and added invasion
-New say commands (Spam 3 and Derank 2 Both EPIC )
-Longer game code now in game settings
-added console toggle to kick menu
-added client 0 to kick menu
-removed client 18 from kick menu (doesnt exist its 0-17)
-Fixed typos in kick menu
-Removed mods from all prestige infections to improve stablity and remove unworking/annoying mods
-Fixed menu name bug in maps menu
-Added black screen infection
-Added Freeze ps3 infection (Credits to DKCY_Plum-St505) (They will have they're PS3 frozen when they load a map and it says waiting for other players)
-Changed toggle wall hack in quick menu to toggle team kill (requires fast restart)
-Removed TEST Menu
-Added Barret Unlocks Infection
-Minor bug fixes
-An entire new menu (Say Menu 2) with 24 new say commands!! (Credit to Forsaken_Truce thread of Say command ideas )
-Added AC130 1000 kills emblem to all prestige hack infections (the spinning one next to 10th spinning one)
-Manually Optimized Coding (1300 bytes less )
-Minor typo fixes
-Added Big XP for online games/Private match muck around (doesnt make it a ranked private match so people can join back)
-Added auto fast restart to all game modes
-Updated Stealth Aim Assist to the super one (remember stealth ones are weaker as the red boxes help it lock on better)
-Made stats and classes mod seperate options (where ment to be before but a save error un-did it without me realising)
-Added vision when menu is open (requested by Maty360414 Credit to DKCY_Plum-St505)
-Coulored Normal Map's (forgot to before :P)
-Removed Pro-Mod Infection
-Added Basic Infection For Friends (include things like good cares, fast aiming, fast reloading, see names through walls, etc)
-Added Fake Maps menu to maps menu (requested by NomadsBoy)
-Added Sensitivity Menu (11,12,13,14,15,25,50,75)
-Fixed menu closing in all menus when pressing DPAD LEFT (simple typo sorry)
-Added Unlimited score and time to both big xp codes
-DPAD DOWN now toggles Force Uav for fast use when the menu is closed (eg when host in SnD) (Requested by Maty360414)
-New vision (moves the gun, removes crosshairs and only has blur, no annoying colour vision)
-Moddel 1887 Modded (Super range, lots of ammo, high damage, increased no. of pellets, etc) (Thanks to Nair Nuts for help )
-No vision when menu opens now
-Better scrolling at main menu
-Added Martyrdom Mods Menu
-Added In Game Clan Tag Editor (Credit to xChronicModz)
-Removed Interverntion and Barret Unlocks infections
-Added Intervention & Barret unlocks Infection (Added Prestige Challenges aswell Tried all 4 snipers but it error'd)
-Added ALL Pistol Unlocks Infection
-Improved SUPER Aim Assist
-Removed Force Me Host from Main Mods
-Removed Dusk from fake maps
-Removed One Flag & VIP Game modes
-Added xReMiiX--69r's Fun Demoliton game mode
-Added xFLAMeHD_'s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game mode
-Improved menu coding
-Removed Change Team from Fun Mods
-Added -_UK_ViiPeR_-'s AC130 re-creation
-Removed No glass break from Fun Mods
-Added Riot Party to Fun Mods
-Improved Console (more lines and stays up longer)
-fixed bugs
-Menu will no longer fade out when open (Credit to xRAZBAZx)
-Improved IP Spam Command
-Added a few new say commands (Credit to Forsaken_Truce thread of Say command ideas & Me for coding the Derank Scare 3)
-ALOT of text changes around the menu and in/out of game notifications, invite messages, maps, etc (Many easter eggs to find )
-New patch file (people had problems with the models on the other one)
-BIG XP now works on ALL gamemodes
-Added Ingame Killstreak Editor in Main Mods(Made by me ) (sadly there is no in game code for killstreaks so it will disconnect you when you press R3 to choose your killstreaks)
-Added Perk Menu
--Dive Perk
--Toggle Dive Per No Gravity (not when you dive with no gravity you will fly around but you are techn ically still doing your first dive when the gravity was low, so toggling this off wont bring you down, but it will stop any dives after from making you fly)
--Explosive Ammo
--Explosive Ammo Strength Menu
--Sniper PerksWhen menu is open HUD & Weapon will dissapear (Credit to zFlaVour)
-Removed force uav in Game Cheats
-Added Host Only UAV Toggle in Game Cheats (Credit to xReMiiX-69r)
-Improved AC130 Recreation
-Removed Go Prone
-Added Quick Drop Shot
-Added Trickshotters Are Shit say command
-Fixed timing on Derank 3 say command
-Removed black screen with "Efthy Is Beast"
-Removed Change Class
-Added ****ed Sentry
-Removed Map Rotation
-Moved Wall Hack to Game Cheats
-Removed T-Bag
-Added Super Chopper Gunner As a mod and took it out of DVARs (clashed with explosive bullets perk)
-A few new DVARs
-Cleanud up coding and moved stuff around, more space
-Removed level 70 infection
-Seperated pistol and snipers infections as they were unstable together
-Fixed sensitivty menu bug
-Reduced Predator Valkyrie mod turning speed
-Reduced damage on strong and stronger explosive ammo settings
-Aim assist codes tested, set some codes to their proper max, probably wont make it any stronger but we will see
-Fixed/improved predator valkyrie mod
-Fixed Private match xp lobby (typo sorry)
-Removed "Efthy Warfare 3" and changed back to "Modern Warfare 2" for game invites <3
-Added invisibility and godmode for axis team in Wasteland, Derail & Rust only
-Removed menu vision
-Removed flashing scoreboard
-Added Teleport Gun (note this is just the dive perk with a really fast forward velocity so you need to edit your name into the set perk and unset perk commands for it to work for you)

Patch contains: (RED = New) (BLUE = Menu)



Quick Menu
SUPER Aim Assist (My Super Unreleased Aim Assist)

Force UAV
Killcam Ruiner (say command to ruin kill cam for noob trick shotters who flash x10000 -.-)
Game Speed Menu
Gravity Toggle
Knife Range Toggle
Freeze Toggle
Team Kill Toggle

Main Mods
Super Jump On
Super Jump Off
Host Only Super Jump
In-Game Clantag Editor
Killstreak Editor
God Mode ON/OFF
Anti Join ON/OFF (Note: when on people can still join using a clan tag that says "NGU" or "Jono" and it is case sensitive!)
3rd Person
Nuke In Care Package
Nuke Time toggle (10mins, 30mins, normal)
See Name Through Walls
Turn Stopping Power Off

Game Cheats
Aim Assist Toggle
Host Only UAV Toggle
Hold Breath Forever
Wall Hack
Laser Toggle
FPS Toggle
Super Steady Aim
Rapid Fire Guns
Super Reload
Max Explosives
Unlimited Running
Super Sleight of Hand
SUPER Aim AssistStealth SUPER Aim Assist

More Mods
Cheater Pack
Good Care Packages
Toggle Super Strong Glass (bullets and knife take ages to destroy it, but throw something through it and it will still break as normal, still fun though)
Quick Drop Shot
Predator Valkyrie Mod (fixed and improved to make it more like the Valkyrie)
Map Rotation (minimap in top left)
Minicon Toggle
Gravity Toggle
Goodbye Care Packages
Contrast Toggle
Ladder Jump
Super Javelin
Knockback Toggle
Knife Range Toggle
SUPER Knife Toggle
Map Size Toggle
Invisible Gun Toggle
F*cked Up Sentry
Talk To Other Team

Fun Mods
Score Board Mod
L33T Hack
PC Graphics
Colour Score Board
-_UK_ViiPeR_-'s AC130 re-creation
Headshots Only ON/OFF
Unusable Square
Normal Camera Bob
Zero Camera Bob
1 Vote To Skip
Colour Team Names
Riot Party
Floating Glass
Fast Heart Beat
Low Ammo Colour
Fast Predator
Player Name
I<3Efthy vs EfthyIsBeast
Bouncy Grenades
Super Chopper Gunner
Flashing Score Board

Martyrdom Mods Menu


Vision Menu
Disco Mode
Black Hole
Weird Pro-Mod
No Hud
Film Shader
Colour Box
Turn Around

Clan Tag Menu

Say Menu
Efthy's Modded Lobby
Your a B****
F*** You
Who the F*** is hacking?
I thought this new patch got rid of this shit?!
This is a XP lobby
Sniper Only!
If You are Currently Below the Age of 12, Please Leave this Match Now. Thank You.
As a PSN Moderator I Am Your Current Host
I am a PSN Moderator, anyone who hacks or accuses me of hacking will be banned for 1 month.
Advertisement NGU
Unlock All lol (new)
Prices lol
De-rank Scare 1De-rank Scare 2
De-rank Scare 3 (requested by Forsaken_Truce)
SPAM (new)SPAM 2 (spam to the MAX)
11th Prestige LOL (You have to see this one lol)

Say Menu 2

I think you have a frisky man addiction. You want me, don't you?1.12 mods are not the same as 1.11. Get over yourself.
LOL at the fag who said he can de-rank us. If you can without goin' into Split Screen, DO IT. I DARE YOU
UMP fag. Try some new shit. You don't look 'cool' using that gun
There isn't a jailbreak for 3.56+ kid, so STOP ASKING!
Damn dawg, you suck at this game. Did you just get it or something?
Trick Shotters Are Shit
LOL at the guy using One Man Army. Do you suck that bad, your only hope is to noob tube?
If you threaten me again, I will lock your IP address, and **** your PS3 system up so badly, you'll have to buy another one.
IP Threat SPAM (improved)
Ok seriously bro. Can you put a pair of pants on? I find it weird I have to ask twice.
If you feel the need to try hard in this game, I suggest buying BLOPS. It's laggy, slow, and it's made for mentally challenged idiots like you.
You have an insanely small penis.
Uh oh. The epic 12 year old gamer is here. GO GET 'EM LIL' BUDDY
If you are currently..., Below the age of 12, Debating Justin Beiber/Rebecca Black, screaming in my ear, And/or contemplating your homosexuality, GET. THE. ****. OUT NOW!
Oh Yeah?!? Cool Story Bro
Why don't you just STFU and go suck on your boyfriend's dick?!
Trying hard? TRY HARDER! I'm going to make you rage quit!!!
LOL at your SELECT spam. You think you're cool? You're not a hacker. You're a LEECHER. Do something better or GTFO!
1v1 with you? It'll be a waste of my time. My aimbot is FAR more advanced than your shit!
Wtf is so funny? You finally decided to look in the mirror, and saw that hideous thing as your reflection?
Ok seriously guys. WHAT ****IN' BUTTON DO I PRESS TO SHOOT?!?!
Uh oh. I'm behind you, guy. TURN AROUND!
SAY HELLO TO MAH LITTLE FRIEND!~~!*~!*!~*!~*!~*!*!"
I've got some candy! Come here lil' tubby!
I'm not cheating, I SWEAR GUYS!

Game Modes
Minuscule Health
XP Lobby
Global Thermo Nuclear War
Sniper Lobby
One Flag
Search and Destroy
Team Death Match
Ground War
Free For All

Change Map
(ALL Maps)Normal Maps
Fake Maps

Kick Menu

Toggle Console (Improved to 20 lines and stays up longer)
List Players
Kick Client 0-17
Kick All

Game Settings
Force Host (Works Great)
Force Host OFF
XP Lobby
Long Game
Unlimited Game
No Physical Friction
Fast Restart
End Game

Challenges & Prestiges & More Menu
Unlock All
Level 70
Modded Classes WITH WORKING GOLD DESERT EAGLE!! (people have to copycat it off you)
Modded Stats

Prestige Menu
Prestige 0
Prestige 1
Prestige 2
Prestige 3
Prestige 4
Prestige 5
Prestige 6
Prestige 7
Prestige 8
Prestige 9
Prestige 10
Prestige 11

Sensitivity Menu
Sensitivity 11
Sensitivity 12
Sensitivity 13
Sensitivity 14
Sensitivity 15
Sensitivity 25
Sensitivity 50
Sensitivity 75

Infection Menu
11th Prestige & 70 & Clan Tag & Spinning Skull & Spinning 1000 kills AC130
10th Prestige & 70 & Clan Tag & Spinning Skull & Spinning 1000 kills AC130
9th Prestige & 70 & Clan Tag & Spinning Skull & Spinning 1000 kills AC130
8th Prestige & 70 & Clan Tag & Spinning Skull & Spinning 1000 kills AC130
7th Prestige & 70 & Clan Tag & Spinning Skull & Spinning 1000 kills AC130
No Prestige & 70 & Clan Tag & Spinning Skull & Spinning 1000 kills AC130
Derank Infection
Black Screen Infection
Freeze PS3 Infection (the next map they load will freeze their PS3)
Level 70 Infection
Nuke in Care Package Infection
Super Jump Infection (toggle with select)
Super Speed Infection (toggle with select)
Slo-Mo Infections (toggle with select)
Basic Infection For Friends (include things like good cares, fast aiming, fast reloading, see names through walls, etc)

Intervention & Barret & All Pistol Unlocks Infection (includes normal and prestige challenges)
Uav & Aim Assist Infection

All perks Pro Infection

Perk Menu
Dive Perk
Toggle Dive Per No Gravity (not when you dive with no gravity you will fly around but you are techn ically still doing your first dive when the gravity was low, so toggling this off wont bring you down, but it will stop any dives after from making you fly)
Explosive Ammo
Explosive Ammo Strength Menu
Sniper Perks
All Perks

+DVARs (To use Press start then options to load)



Q: 1.11 or 1.12??
A: 1.12

Q: How do i get this on my ps3??
A: you need a hacked ps3 on 3.41 or 3.55 higher firmware than 3.55? sorry you cant do it then.

Q: What region is this???
A: BLES00683 and BLUS30377 as they are the same

Q: Help im getting a black screen!
A: Make sure you are the right region (read above) otherwise convert it to yours (google for help!)

Q: Infectable mod menu plox?!?
A: No

Q: Unlock all for my friends?
A: No, but you can log into their accounts and use the host only one

Q: What is the difference between the aim assists?
A: Aim Assist - Original aim assist from my v1 that is helpful but not very strong and therefore not as noticeable in killcams
SUPER Aim Assist - STRONGEST aim assist i can make after weeks of testing enjoy (looks less obvious if you play with a high sensitivity of 8+)
Stealth Aim Assist - same as SUPER Aim Assist but it has no green or red boxes so you can record without anyone knowing you are cheating

Q: Can you add me?!? or GIVE ME CL PLZZ!! etc
A: Im allways full but if we talk i might add you as for challenges or prestiges etc...

Q: OMG CAN I HAVE 3.55+ CFW ?!?!
A: There is currently no CFW for any firmware other than 3.55 and the jailbreak for 3.41

Q:Can you make an edit of your patch for me please?
A: no, i dont have the time sorry, search ngu there are some helpful tut's that can help you get started with patch making

Q: Can i edit and release your patch?
A: Sure i guess, just give credit and DO NOT release it if all you did was change some of the text....we all ready have way to many patches atm

Q: Does this patch get the oom (Out Of Memory) error alot?
A: I have been using my patch since v1 everyday for a month or so now and i have never had a single oom error, and im sure none of the other users of my patch have either

Q:What does use noob tube do?
A: Use noob tube = selects noob tube if your gun has it

Q: I can't get nuke in care package to work in a private match or online.
A: Nuke in care = after you select it, go to game settings and choose quick restart.

Q: I can't get it to change game modes, i.e. Global Thermonuclear War.
A: Certain game modes will auto fast restart, but some you have to manually restart, so like the nuke just go to game settings and choose quick restart.

Q:I can't get force host to work!?
A:Force host is unpredictable its works sometimes and doesnt others, but if you have crap internet ull probably never get host even with force host.

Q: Gold Desert Eagle doesnt work!? My "Gold Desert Eagle" is a usp... I don't get it!?
A: Gold deagle does work, you have to have someone copy your class with it, thats the only way on 1.12 sorry.

Q: Why do i get disconnected when i use say commands?
A: Your obviously spamming them too much, if you play snd dont do anything while a new round is starting as it acts like a fast restart and if you are doing stuff it sometimes disconnects you.

Q: Why dont the perks work?
A: they do but they are attached to player ID's so you HAVE to edit the patch and put your PSN instead of mine to use them.

--All Perks
-DPAD DOWN when out of menu is now host only uav
-Added Uav & Aim Assist Infection (i tried but its too late now... cya mw2...oh and Credit to .DeadlyMoDz25, thanks mate (sarcasm))
-Combined Intervention and pistols into 1 infection
-Removed killcam data
-Added Predator Valkyrie Mod (fixed and improved to make it more like the Valkyrie)
-Removed Game Speed Menu from Main Mods (its still in Quick Menu)
-Added Host only super jump (Credit to zFlaVour)
-Removed Cancel Nuke
-Added Super Strong Glass (bullets and knife take ages to destroy it, but throw something through it and it will still break as normal, still fun though)
-Added exit menu command to clan tag editor so the menu doesnt stay anymore

Pcfreak30 - Codes
xReMiiX--69r - Codes
mvieyra - Codes
Seb5594 -Codes
DeadlyMoDz25 - Codes
-_UK_ViiPeR_- - Codes
ITheFallenI - Codes
aerosoul94 - Codes
zFlavour - Codes
Nair Nuts - Codes

Known Bugs:

-When a chopper gunner is shot with the modded models the game may crash (this is due to the modded damage from the moddel's and is not fixable unless i lowered the damage giving you guys lots of hitmarkers :/ )

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