Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Microsoft Points Back From Microsoft!

Have you ever purchase an item on Xbox Live and wanted your points back? Well now you can, and while you get your points back, you will keep the item you purchased!

The things you will need are:
  • A Phone
  • Microsoft Points w/ the content you downloaded.
  • Common sense
  • A great attitude
  • Patience
**Getting Started**

Basically, you just have to purchase a game, add-on, movie, etc. Let's say you want to download the "Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack." Download it and either cancel the download after you purchase the content and call Microsoft immediately, or finish the download and then call Microsoft.

Second, grab the phone that you should've had as soon as I told you that you were going to need it. Dial this number, 1-800-469-9269 (US), 020 7365 9792 (UK) or 1-800-469-9269 (CA) this is Microsoft's customer support number. The automated voice machine should ask you some questions, ignore that and press 2, then say agent. Now this might get a little nerve-wrecking since they might start switching you around to different representatives. Stay calm and don't worry, everything will go as planned.

Now once the agent (representative) is on the line, just tell them:
"Oh well I'm in a bit of an issue, I bought this INSERT CONTENT YOU PURCHASED HERE and the weirdest thing ever happened, it gave me some error saying "A(n) Purchasing Error Has Occurred." It took my Microsoft Points and didn't give me the game."
If they ask you for an error code, tell them it doesn't list one or just hang up and try a new agent if they don't believe you.

First Scenario: The agent (representative) will probably ask for you to get on your Xbox and go to your download history. You NEED to say "Yes". Then they will tell you to hit "A" and see if it will re-download. Wait a few seconds and tell them it's asking for you to purchase the game again.
Second Scenario: They will probably tell you to go to the Marketplace and go to the same place where you bought the content. Just wait a few seconds, again, and tell them it's asking you to purchase the content for the same amount of Microsoft points you used to purchase whatever you bought.

After this, they should ask you for your information, this is where you MUST give them your REAL credentials/info. If this is the case, they will probably tell you to do some troubleshooting. Just don't tell them you can download it, be difficult with the nicest attitude, and just tell them none of the tips are working.

Now just use your common sense like I told you.

Once this is all done and you hang up the phone, check your Microsoft Points and it should be there. Everything, points re-stocked, and content you purchased! That's pretty much everything you need to do. Thanks for reading and good luck!


Proof of working, conversation with someone who tried and rep below.

Lady: Hello, my name is Ashley. May I get the first and last name of the account holder, please?
Me: Kristian Mantilla
Lady: Ok thank you, Kristian. How can I help you today?
Me: Well I had such a disappointing issue two days ago, and I'm just now getting a hold of a Microsoft Representative, you of course. So this is what happened, I went to Best Buy and purchased a 2000 MSP card, so that I could buy the Call of Duty Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack. I went to the marketplace, browsed the store, and bought the map pack. I hit download and an error popped up saying, "A(n) download error has occured." I've been worried that I wouldn't have been able to get my points back or the download again, and I was really hoping you could somehow help me end this call with satisfaction.
Lady: Of course, this is a rare issue, so I'll try my hardest to help you out with this. Can you please give me your info so that I can check the download history.
Me: Sure, no problem!
Lady: What is the name of your Gamertag?
Me: Bawszorz
Lady: Can I please have the answer to the security question? Who is your favorite fictional character.
Me: *** *
Lady: Ok, hold on one second Kristian, let me look in your download history.
Me: Sure thing, take your time.
Lady: Well I see the map pack and I'm going to need you to go to, System setting, Account Management, and then download history.
Me: Ok, I'm here.
Lady: Now find the content you purchased and hit A over it so that it will re-download.
Me: Ok, it's telling me to buy the content.
Lady: Hmmm, ok well since it will probably do that with every method I have in my head, I'll just refund you the Microsoft Points.
Me: Oh thank you so much, Ashley! Your a life saver!
Lady: No problem, I'm here to help anytime! Anyways, please check to see if your points have been added.
Me: Yes, they have! Thanks a bunch, Ashley, you've fulfilled my favor.
Lady: Sure thing, Kristian. Have a nice day!
Me: You too, good bye.

**Please Read: I take no responsibility for any fraudulent charges that are brought upon you by any parties in regard from the use of this information. This information is for knowledge and educational purposes ONLY. This is not to be used to harm the integrity of the company of Microsoft or its brand of Xbox LIVE.**

Thank you

**Also, anyone with credentials who would like to see this taken down, feel free to contact me with proof of who you are and your credentials and it will happen ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience.**

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