Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to get to 10th Prestige in 10Kills XBOX 360

Okay, so there are many tutorials now, but this one is geared to help people clearly understand the process. This tutorial just more clearly explains how to move the MPDATA to your MU without a MU Transfer Cable

Note: You DO NOT need a MU Transfer Cable, just a MU and HDD.
ALSO NOTE: This is not the only thing you can do with this file, be creative. There is plenty more out there. ;)

1. Download THIS FILE and un-zip it.

2. First make sure you have created an MPDATA file in your HDD. Do so by going into a Multiplater Splitscreen match and play around for a while.
3. Open Xplorer360/Xport and find the MW2 folder, find your mpdata, and extract it somewhere.
4. Make 2 copies of the MPDATA you just extracted.
5. Open one of the copies of MPDATA you extraced in Modio, go to File Contents, right click it and "Overwrite File" with the MPDATA in the ERROR folder.
6. Rehash-Resign the MPDATA, and inject it back into your Xbox 360.
7. Turn on your Xbox, go to My Xbox -> System Settings -> Memory -> Hard Drive -> Games -> Modern Warfare 2 and find the file entitled "Multiplayer Progress for "Your Gamertag""
8. Move the Multiplayer Progress from your HDD to your MU.
9. Now open Modio again, and open the other copy of the original MPDATA you extracted. Now go to File Contents, right click and "Overwrite File" with the MPDATA in the "Prestige" folder.
10. Rehash-Resign, inject back into your HDD.
11. Sign into your Account, start up MW2, and make sure you have your HDD and MU plugged in.
12. Hit Multiplayer, and select the MU as the device.
13. Hit XBOX LIVE and wait for your stats to load up fully.
14. Hit B then go to Split Screen.
15. Hit A then it should give you an error.
16 Keep pressing A until you are back into the splitscreen lobby.
17. Go Prestige once.
18. Hit B, then Hit Y then choose your HDD as the device.
19. Hit A till you get back into the splitscreen lobby.
20. Hit B till you are at the Main Menu for multiplayer.
21. Hit XBOX LIVE.
22. Go Prestige, or look at all the shit you have for 9th Prestige xD
24. Find a match, and rank up once.

*YOU MUST RANK UP ONCE, or else if you sign out before then, it will not save it, and you will have to do it again!!!


-9th Prestige Level 70 ready to Prestige to 10th Prestige
-Modded Custom Classes that allow the option of holding 3 weapons, (Riot Shield, Primary, and Secondary)
-EVERYTHING UNLOCKED! - (Titles, Emblems, Camos, etc...)
-3 Minutes of Game Time played.


doopbill said...
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doopbill said...

jsmokey07 not jsmokey 07

doopbill said...

can u do it for me if u can my gt is jsmokey07 msg if u cant thnx

austin said...

yo send me an email at

can ur xbox 360 be banned for this???

James said...

how do u get the mp data into the computer

James said...

also what do u mean "rehash and resign" thanks for bearing with me

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