Sunday, February 24, 2008

COD4 PS3 Hack Video

Posted by: pHaez, on NGB

"I would just like to say that it is very possible to do a lot to this game without any modification to the actual PS3 console. I have successfully been able to create an aimbot, ESP, flashbang removal, UAV updates every 0.01 seconds, instead of every 4, it shows the whole map, instead of just the area around you, shows every enemy, even those with UAV Jammer, and more.

For the sake of everybody that plays this game, and the fact that I will be playing it until MGS4 comes out, I am not going to reveal how this is done, but if any of you know me from the PC Gaming world, you know I am not full of shit. Below, you will find a video I just recorded, it is hard to see, but it clearly shows that I am able to see friendlies through walls, enemies turn red, and that it is locking onto enemies. If you look really hard, you can see the whole map on the UAV, and watch the bullet tracers, you will notice they have been modified to make them show up with every shot, and stay longer (to help find where they are coming from).

You will also notice that throughout the game X, Triangle, Circle, etc are visible, and that there is prestige mode, which I don't believe PC has. at the end of the video, I quit out of the game, and back into XMB, so it is definitely not fake. Another quick note, the video is 100% unedited. It is completely untouched from the point I hit the record button, to the point I hit stop (Hence the 32 MB size :()"


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