Sunday, February 3, 2008

COD4: Colored Names

YouTube - Call of Duty 4 Glitches - Colored Names...

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Found by IISm0keyII and JS0724

Just hex these characters into your gamesave just like the buttons.

^0 = Black
^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Cyan
^6 = Purple
^7 = White or Pink
^8 = Gray

If it doesn't work, use this info.

Originally Posted by tazboy View Post
Ok, I think I can solve most of everyone's problems. The normal way worked the first time for me but then it didn't work after that. So I did some troubleshooting for about an hour and came up with this solution

So after you're in the hex editor and have changed everything you would like to change you need to save it (wow, i know). Now if you take your USB out after you save it, it will revert back to the old file. So after you save it you MUST go to the System Tray and "Safely Remove Hardware". Click on the correct icon and choose that option. Then you have to Stop the process of your USB so that it is safe to remove. Now the file will not revert back to the original and everything should follow perfectly from the video

Don't ask me why this works. I've never had to do that before. Oh, and make sure that you exit the hex edit program or any other program that is using a file from your USB; otherwise, you won't be able to use the Stop process.

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