Monday, June 25, 2007

RK Swapper (Code9) Files and Booting Tutorial

Everything For Rk Swapper (Code9)

-USB device (iPod shuffle; FlashDrive; etc)
-PS1 game
-Fat Ps2

Setting Up Rk Swapper with CodeBreaker and a USB device
1. Insert your PS1 disc into your computer disc drive.

2. Open up 'IDGET.EXE'. Select the drive your disc is in, and hit 'GET'.

3. Open up 'Titleman Frontend.exe'. Put in your SLUS/SCUS number you got from IDGET in the bottom left section of Titleman Frontend.exe. Hit Create TITLE.DB, then Add Exec, then List contents of TITLE.DB; As shown...

4. Your TITLE.DB is now made inside your TITLEMAN FRONTEND folder.

5. Open PS2 Save Builder.exe and open up Drag in 'C9.ELF' and 'CODE.DAT' and 'TITLE.DB'. Go to FILE>>SAVE AS. Save it to your desktop as

6. Go to START>My Computer. Connect your USB Device. When your USB device pops up, double click it. Drag in Take out your USB device.

7. Boot up your codebreaker. Insert your USB device into your PS2.

8. Go to Device Manager from the main menu (Some menu like that). Click the USB device choice. Click X on Your System Configuration, then press TRIANGLE and copy it to your memory card. Press OverWrite.

9.After its done copying it to your memory card, go back to your memory card, select "NEW_FILE" and compress the file. After its done..

10. Turn off your PS2. Put in your PS1 disc. Once the PS2MENU screen comes on, choose BADATA-SYSTEM. Then C9.ELF.

11. You should now be at this screen.
-Select "ARCode" and it should bring you to "-New Title", Press X
-Go back to "ARCode" and you should see "SOCOM II" Select that
-Then your done, congrats.
You can now cheat online on the Socom 2 BOTH SERVERS.

Another Way To Install Code 9

1)Codebreaker v.8 or above
2)USB Flash Drive
3)Fat Ps2
5)Download this:

Step 1:
-Download the link above in the requirements
-Put your USB Flash Drive into the computer
-Drag that to your USB Flash Drive
-After the file is on the USB Flash Drive remove it and plug it into your ps2
-Load up codebreaker

Step 2:
-Click the "Device Manager"
-Now select the USB Device.

Step 3:
-As your in the USB Device settings select "Konig Pwns Evil"
-Then select Copy, and copy that to your first Memory Card
-Then Save
-Something may pop asking if you want to OVERWRITE the original one, say yes
-It should bring you back to the main menu, select Device Manager

Step 4:
-Then go to First Memory Card
-Select "New File" and click Compress
-After its done Compressing then your done with that part.
-Turn Off PS2 and take out your Codebreaker and stick in your ps1 Disc
-Restart your PS2

Step 5:
-If done correctly it should load a differnt looking screen that says, "O: FileBrowser, SELECT: Configure"
-Select Configurations
-Then Select "BADATA-SYSTEM"

Step 6:
-Then select "mc0:/" wich is your Memory Card
-Then you should see BOOT.ELF & Code9.ELF
-Select "CODE9.ELF" and it should bring you back to the main screen
-Goto the very bottem to "OK"by pressing O and then it should load.

Step 7:
-You should load to a black screen with options of,

-Select "ARCode" and it should bring you to "-New Title", Press X
-Go back to "ARCode" and you should see "SOCOM II" Select that
-Then your done, congrats.
^^I suggest using that dat file, it has almost all the codes on it.
If you want to add more codes Download "PS2 SaveBuilder" which is in that rar file at the top of the page.
Open it up and open your and you should see some stuff
Right click CODE.DAT file and click Extract, extract it to a folder
Locate that "CODE.DAT" file and open it up in notepad or wordpad
You should see the codes in a order such as,
*Master Code
**ecb26e48 1445b464
Well were the "*" are representing as spaces so the code name has 1 space and the code itself has 2

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