Monday, June 25, 2007

Code Majic Files and Tutorial For slim

(To boot CodeMajic on Fat PS2 just do the RK Swapper tutorial but use the CodeMajic.elf instead of the Code9 one.)

Here's my tested method on getting codemajic to run on any PS2 (slim or fatty) without swap magic or PS1 trigger disc. I just wanted to help out the people that can't use the "Independence Exploit" aka PS1 trigger disc method with the slim PS2s or that didn't own Swap Magic.

Not needed:
PS1 Disc
Swap Magic

1.Codebreaker file (Included in .rar)
3.pelican.bin file (Included in .rar)

Files You Will Need Download



1. Place the file on your flash drive (Not in any folders).

2. Start up codebreaker, go to device manager, select your flash drive, copy the AusDigital file to your memory card 1 (overwrite the save if it asks you to).

*In device manager select memory card 1 and you should have a blank spot at the top and the file size should say 189Kb (Good!).*

3. Now turn off your PS2.

4. Place your flash drive in your PC again and copy the pelican.bin file to it. (You can delete the on your flash drive) Now you should only have 1 file on your flash drive (pelican.bin) no folders!

5. Now put your flash drive in your PS2 and start it up with codebreaker in the tray.

6. Don't press any buttons just let codebreaker load up, at the splash screen it will sit there for a few seconds and then auto boot sms media player.

7. Press start after sms shows icons with green arrows at the very top of the screen.

8. Highlight Browser settings and press X, scroll all the way to the bottom "Exit to" press X until it displays: mc0/BADATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF then press triangle.

9. Go down to Exit SMS and press X and let it run for a little while, then if all went well you'll see CODEMAJIC!!!

This tutorial was written By: N3M3515

CM Download:


murderer4lfe(socom name) said...

hi, thanks for the post. i have been looking all day for a good tutorial, but nothing works for me. All i need to know is what version of codebreaker i need for my ps2 slim...........thanks....

u can add me if you have socom ca...

murderer4lfe(socom name) said...

if you get my previous post, can you please just post the version i need in the coments???...thanks

codemajic said...

nemi5i5 i followed your instructions but ausdigital did not come up what do i do my email is or look for me by email on my space

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