Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hello HOME Beta?

This is how to download HOME BETA but you won't be able to login. This might save you some time downloading when its officially released though.

Note: You need PS3 System firmware v2.20 to do this. Older versions will not work.

1. Download these files:

Note: Keep these URLs for later notice.

2. Now open each .xml file in notepad and change all the "off" words to "on" and save it over the old copy of the file (Do not change the file name or write "off" in capatals).

3. Download and install PS3 ProxyServer (This will not show up in your startup menu or on the desktop, so look for it in your program files)

Note: If you get an error asking about .net framework you need to install .net framework 1.1 before the program will work. You can download .net framework here. (I had trouble on vista 64 so I installed it on a xp machine and copied the program files to a memory stick, then onto my computer, this still worked.)

4. Start up PS3 proxy and select "PS3 Mode" and input you computers ip address.

Note: To find your computers ip follow this guide:
Start >> Run.

Type 'cmd' and click ok.

In the window type 'ipconfig' and text about your internet connection will pop up.

On vista your ip will be under "IPv4 Address"
On xp your ip will be under "IP Address"

That is the ip you use.

If the program crashes when you click on "start" it could be because of a wrong ip.


5. Now you need to set up the proxy on your PS3, this is easy. Do the same as you normaly did when you set up your PS3 for the internet but when you get to Use Proxy go down to use and in put the ip address of your computer, and thats it.
If you have done this correctly you should still connect to the Playstation network.

6.Now click on the Start button and then go to the "Replace Files" tab and click the "Add" button 3 times.
In the LEFT hand box you put the URLs of the items you downloaded.
In the RIGHT hand box click the gray box and find the destination of the same item.

Note: You HAVE TO FILL BOTH BOXES before you can add another line. (This is where i got stuck)

Here is a finished example :

Yours should look similar to this (above) (Be careful not to mix up the URLs with the wrong file path.)

7. Restart the PS3 and you should see an option to download/install HOME. After HOME is installed you can take the Proxy setting off the PS3 and delete the proxy program from your computer and use the PS3 normally again.

Hope this helps you guys that cant get it to work.

Thanks to tektro and rda.


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