Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome PS3 Homebrew

PS3 Megabox Homebrew Project

With the name PS3 Megabox Homebrew Project, a new era in the field of PS3 eingeleutet, this project represents a new Media Center for your PS3, which is related to the Xbox1 to compare.

Features: The Megabox has many useful features:

VoIP, P2P, TV, movies (including *. mkv), and much more

And now the best:
There is no installation of this Megabox on your PS3 necessary, we must simply a CD / DVD and burn them in the PS3 call, as it also works with USB stick.

Incidentally, the Megabox is open source (based on FREEVO)!

And now the most important, I have some brief ne downloads and information appended times, please note that the Megabox still in beta status, which means that the tool can be very buggy.

Install Help (Download links are included!):
1. Installs the Petit bootloader
2. Burn this image to a CD / DVD
3. Starts petitboot loader, like other boot loader on your PS3
4. Sets the disc in the PS3 and selects the disc icon with the petitboot!
5. Starts the second icon!
6. YEAHHH it works!!

Note: Unfortunately, the Megabox HDMI still not in operation, so who PS3 via its HDMI wired it will still wait or PS3 normally connected to his TV!

1-Reproduction in the premises of almost all the formats of video, including the MKV.
2-Reproduction in Streaming (from Internet or the local network) reproduces just like in the point 1 that if, the MKV would cost to him more but, depending on the bandwidth of Internet, since in local network we have all 100MB.
to 3-Encoder and to decoder of DivX, DVD, TDT and others.
4-Recording to CD's/DVD's etc. (Necessary external recorder USB)
5-Possibility of using compatible digital cameras with Linux.

1-Reproduction of all the habitual formats. (Local and streaming.)
2-Encoder and decoder of CD's and other formats.
3-Recording of CD's/DVD's etc… (Necessary external recorder USB.)
4-Possibility of using compatible reproducers MP3/MP4 with Linux

TV/Radio: (compatible with multiple models and marks of devices USB TV)
1-Reproduction of TDT, TDS, TDC and IMAGENIO. (Necessary USB capture device.) “one in pack MegaBOX PS3 will be included”
2-Radio and TV in streaming by Internet.
3-Recording of programs of TV “to the hard disk of the PS3, external Hard disk or to record it to CD/DVD “with possibility of programming the hour and date of recording.

1-FireFOX. (Formed with all plug-ins for its perfect operation.)
2-System P2P.
3-System VoIP and instantaneous mail.
4-Emulation of games of almost all the platforms. (Reading of ROM's from any unit, even from local NETWORK.)
5-Game for LINUX in 3D (to still not contrasted.)
6-Possibility of launching PS3 games directly from MegaBOX.
(In the future possibly ISO loader)
“Software requests are accepted”

1-Skins Manager so that you modify to your taste the appearance of MegaBOX in your PS3 (Necessary knowledge of XM)

Components needed:
1-Playstation 3 sixaxis (PS3)
2-Any compatible PS3 device

Screen Resolution:
1-1280x720 (720P)
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